Principal Consultant
Principal Consultant
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Business and Technology
Management Consultancies
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Business and Technology
Business and Technology
Management Consultant
Management Consultant
David’s business and technology acumen
combined with his unique blend of expertise
and experience, facilitates innovative and
successful business solutions.
He has crossed both national and international
boundaries, consulting to major corporations,
public sectors and executive governments.
He now consults to governments and SMEs in
business planning and integration in to a web
enabled world.
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Executive Presentations
Executive Presentations
Business Planning
Business Planning
Project Management
Project Management
Business Solutions
Business Solutions
Web Services
Web Services
David’s Industry background is illustrated by
the following portfolio of institutions where he
has either consulted to and / or acted in a
senior management capacity:
Police (SA), Premier’s Department (SA),
SANTOS, ELDERS, Public Trustee (SA), SE Qld
Water Board, Radio Rentals, Supreme Court
(Singapore), Cardinal Services, Systems
Services, Courts (SA), Transport and
Infrastructure (SA) and many more.
David is the Principal Management Consultant of his
own consulting and business solutions practice.
For additional information please visit
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Management Consultancy and Web-Business
Management Consultancy
IT Business Planning - Strategy, Policy, Standards & Procedures
Business Continuity Planning
Business Case Development
IT Security
Business & Work Flow Analysis
Office Systems Design & Implementation
Project Management
Service Contract Design & Management
Research & Development
Web-Business Enablement
This service offers a unique blend of business consultancy and web
savvy, professional services to deliver to our clients an effective online
presence and backend support. We assist them in extending their
business into a fully integrated web-business that meets their
customer’s evolving demands. Particular emphasis is given to small to
medium sized businesses and professionals at furthering their markets
and competitive advantage.
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Principal Consultant and Web-Business Enablement
2004 – Present Adelaide, South Australia
David has managed many major projects including a range of
commercial, SA Government whole of government initiatives and
specific agency business project management and planning exercises.
These have covered the development of SA Government Active
Directory / Enterprise Directory Plan and project definitions (Phase I and
II) to land registration and survey services.
As part of the web-business enablement services, David is currently
engaged with several SMEs in building upon their often simple web
presence to an integrated online extension of their core administration
and business services. This is stepped approach at reducing operational
cost and growing business via a self funding model. Thus achieving a
low-risk, cost-effective growth with substantial competitive advantage.
Managing Consultant (Consultancy)
Systems Services Pty Ltd / Vectra Corporation
1998 – 2003 (5 years) Australia and International
Systems Services / Vectra Corporation provided national and
international IT & C site management, technical and business consulting
services. As Managing Consultant, David managed a team of Senior
Consultants, together undertaking a range of high profile corporate and
government projects from the development of business cases,
outsourcing reviews, to resource, business and strategic plans.
Customers included SA Government, ETSA, SANTOS, Elders, Singapore
Supreme Court ...
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Senior Adviser
Office of the Government Management Board (SA Government)
and Data Processing Board
1983 – 1994 (10 years) Adelaide, South Australia
David was an advisor to SA Government agencies (Justice portfolio) on
information technology investments and plans. He prepared reports
and advice to Data Processing Board on major agency submissions. He
was also responsible for assessing and providing advice to Cabinet
concerning individual SA Government agency submissions within his
During this period he assisted government agencies in the development
of their business and IT strategic plans. He also project managed the
development of the first whole of government 'Security Guidelines for
the State of South Australia' (which ultimately formed the basis of
security arrangements for government in an outsourced environment
with EDS.)
IT Manager
Department of the Premier and Cabinet
1995 – 1998 (3 years) Adelaide, South Australia
As IT Manager for the Department of the Premier and Cabinet (DPC),
David initiated and managed a range of IT shared services across the
Premier and Treasurer agency portfolios comprising the DPC itself, the
Department of Treasury & Finance (T&F), the Office for the
Commissioner for Public Employment (OCPE), and the Office of
Multicultural & Ethnic Affairs (OMEA).
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David likes to tackle real world human issues
through the creative application of science,
mathematics and logic. It is both his profession
and hobby. He is a humanist that enjoys
constructive, intellectual discussions that
challenges his mind. He is happiest in his own
company or amongst compassionate and open
minded people.
David is in a loving partnership and is very
close to his beautiful daughter from a previous
Personal Bio
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Thank you for taking the time to view our profiles.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would
like any additional information.
Please take care.
David Jorrell
Principal Consultant
Phone: +61 439 080 001
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